Customisable Botanical Baby Shower Sign

Complete your botanical baby shower theme with this lovely customisable baby shower sign. It is the perfect way to decorate your entry and give your guests a lovely welcome as they arrive.

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Customisable Botanical Baby Shower Sign

It is white and green with a black font so the gender neutral colours make it great for gender reveal parties too! Simply add the stickers provided to customise your very own signpost.

Each pack includes:
-1 Sign measuring approx. 40cm H x 25cm W
-60cm of ribbon
-9 Sticker Sheets for customisation (6 x A 3 x B 3 x C 3 x D 9 x E 6 x F 3 x G 3 x H 9 x I 3 x J 3 x K 6 x L 3 x M 9 x N 12 x O 6 x P 3 x Q 6 x R 6 x S 6 x T 6 x U 6 x V 3 x W 3 x X 6 x Y 3 x Z 3 x ! 6 x ‘ 9 dots 6 x Hearts 3 x ? 6 x # 6 of each number 0-9).

Brand: Ginger Ray

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