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Eco-friendly Love Balloon Mosaic Stand

£ 34.95£ 39.95

Create the ultimate statement décor and wow your wedding guests with this incredible L-O-V-E shaped balloon mosaic stand.

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Eco-friendly Love Balloon Mosaic Stand

Light and easy to assemble, these love balloons are unforgettable and the perfect way to tie in your wedding decorations.

Each pack contains:
1 x L letter – 43cm (W) x 63cm (H)
1 x O letter – 54cm (W) x 63cm (H)
1 x V letter – 63cm (W) x 63cm (H)
1 x E letter – 35cm (W) x 63cm (H)
Each letter comes with a supportive base measuring 37cm x 18cm
73 x side supports.

Packaging is recyclable and FSC certified.

You can purchase the stand with or without mini balloons. You can choose between suggested mixes as seen in the picture or you can create your own mix.

Colourful Mix includes:
4 x 5″ Blue Balloons
6 x 5″ Teal Balloons
5 x 5″ Dark Blue Balloons
7 x 5″ Yellow Balloons
5 x 5″ Pink Balloons
5 x 5″ Light Pink Balloons
8 x 5″ Coral Balloons

Pink/Rose Gold Mix includes:
13 x 5″ Light Pink Balloons
12 x 5″ Dark Pink Balloons
10 x 5″ Rose Gold Chrome Balloons
5 x 5″White Balloons

Gold/Olive Green Mix includes:
10 x Gold Chrome
10 x Double stuffed grey in white
10 x Nude
10 x Olive Green

Blue/navy/grey Mix includes
20 x blue
10 x navy
10 x grey

Pink/grey/purple Mix includes
10 x nude
10 x dusty purple
10 x grey
10 x pink

Nude/white Mix includes
20 x nude
10 x nude

Choose you Own
This includes 35 5″ balloons in 3 colours of your choice

Brand: Ginger Ray

Additional information

Additional mini balloons?

Add Gold/Olive Green, Add Navy/Blue/Grey, Add White, Add Pink/Rose Gold, Add Own Colours, No Balloons, Add Nude/White, Add pink/grey/purple



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