Star Sign Balloon Sculpture

Create a stunning Star Sign Balloon Sculpture with air only – it is super easy and will impress your guests.

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Star Sign Balloon Sculpture


All you need to do to create your Star Sign Balloon Sculpture is inflate the balloons and follow the simple instructions provided. It should not take more than 20 minutes to assemble so you’re guaranteed to have enough time to prepare for the party!

The total size of the balloon sculpture is approx. 1m/3.5ft long and 1m/3.5ft high.

The kit includes

2 x 26″ Number Balloon in silver (numbers available are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 0)
14 11” balloons in chrome silver, chrome blue, pearl quartz purple, pearl lavender
9 5″ balloons in pearl lavender
6 5″ balloons in chrome silver, chrome blue, pearl quartz purple, pearl lavender

2 Star Sign Cutouts with the Star Sign of your choice (Taurus or Aries)
3 mini silver star balloons
Glue dots
Detailed instructions with pictures for every step

Optional: Black Vinyl Letter stickers with the wording of your choice. Please select the number of letters you require (eg for Emily is One you will need to choose 10 letters). The letters will be supplied individually and you will have to add them to the inflated balloon.

All latex balloons are of best quality and biodegradable.

Use any regular handheld balloon pump to inflate the balloons (not included).

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Additional information

Which Star Sign?

Taurus, Aries

With name (=vinyl stickers)

No Name, 2 to 5 letters, 6 to 8 letters, 9 to 12 letters, 13 to 18 letters