Gruffalo Balloon Arch

This lovely Gruffalo balloon arch will transform your venue into a stunning forest set up.

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Gruffalo Balloon Arch

These balloons are of the highest quality from the brands used by professional balloon decorators.

 What makes this Gruffalo Balloon Arch particular special is that it includes 5 cutouts with the Gruffalo, the mouse and the 3 animals.

Colours included:

-11in balloons: eucalyptus green, dusk cream, mocha brown
-5in balloons: eucalyptus green, dusk cream, mocha brown, chrome gold

-The 1m/3.5ft garland includes 18 11″ and 12 5″ balloons
-The 2m/7ft garland includes 33 11″ and 18 5″ balloons
-The 3m/10.5ft garland includes 48 11″ and 24 5″ balloons
-The 4m/14ft garland includes 63 11″ and 30 5″ balloons
-The 5m/17.5ft garland includes 78 11″ and 36 5″ balloons
-The 6m/21ft garland includes 93 11″ and 42 5″ balloons
-The 7m/24.5ft garland includes 108 11″ and 48 5″ balloons
-The 8m/28ft garland includes 123 11″ and 54 5″ balloons

-Balloon Garland Strip
-Glue Dots
-Nylon Line
-Detailed Instructions

– 5 High Quality Cutouts: Gruffalo, the mouse, snake, fox, owl

Optional: We can replace some of the mini balloons with pink rosewood balloons to make it more girly.

The branches are not included, but can be purchased here:

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1m/3.5ft, 2m/7ft, 3m/10.5ft, 4m/14ft, 5m/17.5ft, 6m/21ft 7m/24.5ft, 8m/27ft

Including pink rosewood mini balloons

Including pink 5in, Excluding pink 5in