Two Fast Race Car Balloon Arch

These are balloons are of the highest quality from the brands used by professional balloon decorators.

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Two Fast Race Car Balloon Arch

This lovely green and brown balloon garland will transform your venue into a stunning forest set up…perfect for a woodland theme! What makes this Two Fast Race Car Balloon Arch particular special is that it includes chrome lime green balloons in addition to the latest fashion colour, Eucalyptus.

Colours included:
Dusk Blue, Dusk Laurel Green, Dusk Cream, Onyx Black (you will get equal amounts of each)

The 1m/3.5ft garland includes 18 11″ and 12 5″ balloons
The 2m/7ft garland includes 33 11″ and 18 5″ balloons
The 3m/10.5ft garland includes 48 11″ and 24 5″ balloons
The 4m/14ft garland includes 63 11″ and 30 5″ balloons
The 5m/17.5ft garland includes 78 11″ and 36 5″ balloons
The 6m/21ft garland includes 93 11″ and 42 5″ balloons
The 7m/24.5ft garland includes 108 11″ and 48 5″ balloons
The 8m/28ft garland includes 123 11″ and 54 5″ balloons

Balloon Garland Strip
Glue Dots
Nylon Line
Detailed Instructions

Optional: Blue Race Car Cutouts with a number 1 or a number 2

The balloons are of the highest quality from the renown US balloon manufacturer Sempertex.

We highly recommend a balloon pump to inflate the balloons.

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1m/3.5ft, 2m/7ft, 3m/10.5ft, 4m/14ft, 5m/17.5ft, 6m/21ft, 7m/24.5ft, 8m/27ft

Including Race Car Cutouts

None, 3 Cars with Number 1, 6 Cars with Number 1, 9 Cars with Number 1, 3 Cars with Number 2, 6 Cars with Number 2, 9 Cars with Number 2